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InventoryCloud Inventory Management Software

InventoryCloudOP is a web-based inventory control solution hosted on-site by the customer. It allows the user to maintain accurate stock counts, reduces errors and eliminates manual entry. Automatic low stock level notifications put an end to losing sales due to inventory shortages. The user is also able to set re-order points down to individual locations and preferred vendors for each inventoried item. Transactions such as removing and receiving inventory and performing audits/cycle counts can be executed by using a Windows mobile, IOS or Android device with the InventoryCloudOP mobile app.
InventoryCloudOP offers a wide variety of real time reports such as transactions by site or warehouse, itemized inventory levels by SKU or individual customer purchase order history. These reports can be customized and also scheduled to be automatically emailed out.
InventoryCloudOP provides an easy-to-use interface designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, including departments within large enterprises, government agencies and healthcare organizations. It also integrates barcode labeling software to create inventory and location tags. InventoryCloud OP software can be used in conjunction with any manufacturer’s devices (mobile computers, barcode scanners and barcode printers) or it can also be paired with Wasp hardware.
InventoryCloudOP software comes in two versions: Complete (5 users) and Basic (1 user). Both versions allow the addition of users as needed through the purchase of add-on packages. The software includes 1-year of prepaid Maintenance and Support, which allows user access to technical support specialists and software updates. After year one, the Maintenance and Support Contract must be renewed annually to continue receiving technical support and product updates. Maintenance and Support renewals are calculated at 18% of the price of the software at the time of renewal.

Inventory Cloud On-Premise Basic (1 User) $3995 Add to Cart
Inventory Cloud On-Premise Complete (5 User) $12995 Add to Cart
Add an additional 5 users to Complete (5) User Version $4995 Add to Cart

Features & Benefits

Manage your Inventory
Track inventory by site, location, serial number, lot, date, or pallet.

Designed for Mobile Use
Perform transaction anywhere using the InventoryCloud mobile app with a live internet connection.

Software Notifications
Receive alerts of low inventory levels, expiring items, check-out items past due, and more. These alerts can pop up in the application as well sent out via e-mail.

Designed for mobile use
Mobile computers allow you to go to your inventory instead of bringing it back to your PC. Receive, add, and remove inventory, or quickly do cycle counts.

Check In/ Check Out Capabilities
Automate the check out and in of assets to employees, vendors, or customers to ensure no assets get misplaced.

Full Stock Take and Cycle Count Capability
Quickly conduct audits on a mobile computer to ensure you know what you have and where you have it.

Import / Export Capabilities
Easily import and export data from external sources using the integrated Wizard.

Powerful Reporting Capabilities
Quickly get the information you need to manage your inventory and suppliers.

Plug and play label printing
This software makes it easy to design your own inventory & shipping labels or use more than 100 pre-designed templates.


Wasp InventoryCloud Software Brochure
Wasp InventoryCloud Medical Industry Video

InventoryCloud Software Screens

The following images display the information on the software screens.
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Inventory Dashboard Screen
The dashboard provides a complete view of your inventory items.

Add Item Screen
Adding an Item is simple and can contain images and attached files.

Report Viewer Screen
A full set of built-in reports are available to view and print your data in different formats

Item Check Out Screen
Inventory items can be checked in and out with due dates.

Order Screen
Items can be orderd using this screen.

Report Viewer Screen
A full set of built-in reports are available to view and print your data in different formats

Mobile Check In Screen
Inventory items can be checked in and out with due dates.

Mobile Edit Item Screen
Items can be edited remotely

Adjust Inventory Screen
Inventory can be adjusted in the field

InventoryCloud Specifications

Operating System 64-bit version of:
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2016
Memory 8 GB RAM
Free Disk Space Min. 60GB HD Space, 512 GB recommended
Processor Min. i7 2.8 GHz, 1 LAN card (Typically static IP address)
Javascript Must be enabled in browser