We provide millions of labels a year to Australian Businesses. Whether you require Printed or blank labels we can assist you. We are happy to put your company name or logo on the labels. Simply fill out the Wizard below and we will provide you with a quotation.

Step 1 - Select the Best Size & Type for your Label

The first rule of label size is to make the barcode as large as possible so that it can be scanned. It is our experience that people want the smallest label/barcode possible. The problem is that many low end barcode scanners will be unable to read your barcode. Our most common labels sizes are below. If your size isn't there simply fill out the form below with your size:

Asset Barcode Label - 50x25mm

Asset Labels Polypropylene (50mm x 25mm)
Asset Labels Mylar (50mm x 25mm)
Asset Labels Aluminum (50mm x 25mm)
Retail Barcode Labels Large (40mm x 30mm)
TUN (Outside of Package) Labels (148mm x 48mm)
QR Code (Labels and Images) Advertise Your Products
Small Label (36mm x 16mm)
Medium Label (38mm x 20mm)
Medium Label (43mm x 17mm)
Medium Label (40mm x 30mm)
Large Label (148mm x 48mm)

Step 2 - Select the Best Material for your Label Size & Type

It is important to select the correct material for your label. The least durable material is paper however it is not very durable and it can fade. The most popular material is polypropylene. It has the best tradeoff of cost and durability. Mylar is most commonly used for rugged circumstances such as labeling furniture and machinery. The most durable label material is aluminium however it is also the most expensive. Please select from the following:

PAPER - Paper is the least expensive material to create labels from. It is typically used when the labels do not have to last a long time. One common use is shipping labels
POLYPROPELENE - This plastic is the most popular material used for barcode labels. This is due to its price and its' toughness. It is used commonly as an asset label and for long life items in warehouses.
MYLAR - Mylar labels are very tough and have a brushed aluminium look to them. They bind extremely well and can be used indoors and in some outdoors situations. A common use is the label of machinery.
TAMPERPROOF - These labels display the word VOID when they are tampered with. Common use is in manufactured parts under warranty or in asset management.

Step 3 - Pricing - Would you like us to send you a Quotation?

Due to the different label types and sizes available, Australian Barcodes will quote you individually for all of your label requirements. Simply fill in the form below and one of our consultants will contact you. If your label size isn't shown please tell us in the comments section below:

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